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UZM's metal RGM hoses fittings

Hose end fittings - endings of the metal hoses that serve to attach it to the pipeline system.

Customer based on requirements of metal hose selecting the type of end fittings. There are several types of fittings: threaded (union nuts, couplings, etc.), flanged connections, quick-release connections, and others; the most common type of end fittings (KA) is the end for welding.

In addition to the type of end fittings, another parameter affects both the cost and the metal hose operation. This parameter is the material from which the end fittings are made. The most common materials are stainless steel and carbon steel.  

End fittings of RGM series can be made in accordance with standards (GOST, DIN, ANSI) or according to Customer’s drawings. Our own lathe machines park allows executing fittings of any complexity, on condition of providing a full package of technical documentation.